Monday, 11 June 2007

Moving offices again

Today we did the second part of our move. Still at calle Albasanz 16, but back up to the third floor, where we were before. All our stuff was upstairs on the third floor, and we spent a couple of hours unpacking books and connecting equipment. There's no room for Witty under the new desk so she has to lie on the the floor where we can all see her. I feel better about being closer to the window but fear that blinds will soon start being pulled down again. Work was only disrupted for a couple of hours, which is quite good, I think. It's good having management and all the admin people close at hand. The best thing about the new arrangement is that all of us in the accessibility department are in one block of desks. On the other hand several of us don't work in the office any more, with Rafa in Valencia, and Marisol and now Jesús working at home here in Madrid.