Monday, 11 June 2007

ONCE goes to the polls

Every four years the Spanish National Organisation of the Blind (ONCE) holds elections. These are elections in the commonly-understood sense of the word with parties, manifestos, campaigns and meetings. This year the election took place on May 14th. The winner was again, as usual, UP (United Progressives). After the election the winning party formed its government in order to put into practice its manifesto. Forming the new government of the ONCE also means reorganising the governing bodies of among others, ONCE Foundation and its business unit Fundosa Group.

The changes that will be brought in by the new ONCE General Council affect the strategy and organisation of the Fundosa Group. One of these is a greater emphasis on accessibility. Previously the sole administrator of Technosite, Enrique Varela Couceiro had two roles, he was also in charge of accessibility technology and R&D at ONCE Foundation. Now he has given up his role at Technosite to dedicate all his efforts to R&D.

While thankfully Blanca Alcanda continues as our Managing Director, Technosite now reports directly to the General Manager of the Fundosa Group, Nacho Tremiño. Other moves further up the hierarchy are that Alberto Durán continues as CEO of Once Foundation, Luis Crespo as General Manager of ONCE Foundation and José Luis Martínez Donoso as CEO of Fundosa Group.

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