Monday, 25 June 2007

Summer timetable at Technosite

Any normal year we would be enjoying the warm weather but until a week ago there didn't seem to have been more than a couple of days without cloud cover. But at last the summer seems to have finally arrived here in Madrid, and the summer holiday season has begun.

We all look forward to the months of July and August, because we change to the summer timetable, known as jornada intensiva or intensive day. Traditionally in the warmer parts of Spain it was too hot to work in the afternoon, and the way to work comfortably was to get up early in the morning, while it was coolest and to work through until it became too hot in mid afternoon, then stop for lunch and a sleep until the sun went down and the temperature dropped again. Of course now in our modern air-conditioned offices in the Antalia Building we tend to suffer more from cold draughts than from heat, but we have to keep up our traditions...

During the months of July and August we work from 8am through until 3pm, then go home for lunch and siesta. So if you're working and call us at Technosite after 3pm and we're not there, it's because we're at home having lunch, asleep or at the pool.

Another less beneficial feature of it is that we're obliged to take a lot of our holiday allowance in these two months of high prices and overbooked resorts. These two issues also affect our attendance at meetings and W3C conference calls that tend to happen for us Europeans in the mid afternoon, so there may be more than usual (not too sincere) regrets.

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