Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Technosite Ten Years Young

It's just ten years since Fundosa Teleservicios started life on 15 January 1998, with just four employees. While existing initiatives to create employment for people with disabilities had focussed on areas such as crafts, secretarial and administrative work, it had become increasingly evident that there was a growing number of people with technical qualifications that could benefit from the greater accessibility of the computerised work environment.

The company had been formed as a collaboration between ONCE Foundation's Fundosa Group and the Spanish telephone giant Telefónica, and its first contracts reflected this emphasis on telecommunications: managing the call centres for the 112 emergency service; managing tele-assistance and home help services for the elderly and disabled; telemedecine research projects; consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises on teleworking, and with a view to how our strategy would develop in the coming years, services to help businesses use the Internet for marketing.

You can see our first web site at the WayBack Machine, complete with a text-only version. Web accessibility did not become a line of business until several years later, when I joined the company around 2002.

In 2006, to reflect its changing strategy, Fundosa Teleservicios changed its trade name (but not company name) to Technosite, and its domain name to technosite.es.

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