Thursday, 22 September 2011

Oracle Enterprise Java Developer Day Madrid

The Java Developer's Day event consisted of two "community" speakers, and three from Oracle Spain. The community participation was first by Alvaro Sánchez Mariscal from Cuore, the Spanish Oracle Users forum, and then by Alfredo Casado of the online forum javaHispano. I wonder why they do their presentation slides in English when they speak in Spanish. found this rather confusing, especially when they skip from one slide to the next. Enrique Martín of Oracle evidently knows all about in-memory data grids, but it seems a difficult subject to bring to life for an audience. There were two "hand-on" sessions using Oracle VirtualBox. Yesterday I spent an hour downloading the massive amounts of data needed for this and installing the system on my laptop, only for DVDs to be handed out during the session so people could install it on the day, and then to find that the sessions were so rushed that there was hardly time to follow it on the speaker's screen let alone get any hands-on experience.

The room was cramped with twice the number of people it should have accommodated, and most people had to use their laptops, yes, on their laps, many sitting in the aisle. There were no partner trade stands in the lobby. It seemed a rather half-hearted affair, like Oracle was trying to avoid being seen to do nothing rather than showing any enthusiasm. The real action lately has been around the newly-formed Madrid JUG which is planning a meeting again this month after the summer break.

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