Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Workshop on Agile Project Management, Madrid

Attended a workshop here in Madrid on Agile Project Management, given by Ángel Águeda Barrero of QRP Management Methods International. After so many years now of the trend towards agile development, I still hear so many people here in Madrid complain about clients' reluctance to embrace it. I wonder whether it's a cultural thing, about Spanish corporate culture, or whether it's the same elsewhere. Interestingly, Ángel mentioned that some Spanish government ministries have done projects using agile methodologies. He also mentioned it's use for some defence projects in the UK. The talk covered the different methodologies especially DSDM Atern and Scrum, but not much about Lean, or Extreme Programming, though, as it was more about methodologies with a wider scope. QRP offer training courses in Agile Project Management.

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